“Like a time capsule, capturing the richness and fullness that once defined all ballet”

The Courant

“Something for everyone”

San Diego Reader

“Head Jester Mikhail Ovcharov seemed to fly through the air with his cabrioles and grand jetes–a definite audience favorite”

Enchanted Seashells

“It was a treat to see probably some of the finest ballet artists in the world. This is probably as good as it gets”


“This production captivated us with classic ballet traditions while adding new choreography, hand painted sets, and beyond beautiful hand sewn costumes”

Enchanted Seashells

“A heightened sense of reality, folk tales and folk dances transmogrified into sinuous spectacle”

San Diego Reader

“One of the most transcendent cultural experiences I have had in a long time”


Experience the legendary!

Swan Lake, the ballet of all ballets, will be performed two times only on the stage of the State Theatre as a part of the World Ballet Series with a live score played by the Valley Symphony Orchestra. 

See the iconic Dance of the Little Swans, count the 32 fouettés performed by the Odile, and immerse yourself in magical Tchaikovsky’s music.

The production will feature richly detailed, hand-painted sets as well as over 150 radiant costumes that bring fresh representation to this timeless classic.




My daughter and I attended the show last night in Bristol, TN. I wish we could see it again… the dancers are amazing!

KeenMullins STeresa 

We were able to see you in Riverside and it was phenomenal! Thank you so much for such a beautiful production!!

Shelley Rice-Renison

Went to the Pittsfield show last night. My daughter and I LOVED it. We where in awe of the beauty and talent. Thanks you!

Seanna Isaacs 

Saw you in McAllen! Wonderful show. Thank you!

Linda Schebel

You were beautiful and hysterical and a joy to watch dance! Can’t wait until the WBT comes back to Riverside California!

Gigi Brewer

Saw it in Roanoke, VA. It was absolutely wonderful! The costumes, sets, lighting, the talented dancers made it a night to remember. Bravo!!

Kathryn Reyna 

I got to see them 2nd row from the stage. The costumes were absolutely Brilliant!! I will be seeing them again!

Kat Woodring 

It was the most beautiful performance I have ever seen. So glad I didn’t miss it…

Donna Santa Cruz

Thank you for a wonderful performance! We loved it!

Mary Beth Aubertin

It was FABULOUS!!! The costumes are unbelievable and the cast phenomenal ♥️♥️♥️

AnneMarie Gwiazdowski-Watrous




Act 1.


Princess Odette is taking a walk along the shore of the lake. She meets a mysterious stranger who frightens her. Rothbart is captivated by Odette's beauty and asks for her hand and heart, but the Princess refuses him. In anger, Rothbart turns Odette into a beautiful white swan. Now the only one who can save her is the one who will fall in love with her, take an oath of faithfulness and keep that oath.

Scene 1.

Spring day. In the park of the ancient royal castle, Prince Siegfried is celebrating coming of age. Eligible young ladies of the Prince's court seek his attention, but he is not in a hurry to tie himself in marriage. Graceful dances of gentlemen and ladies are followed by Jester's funny performances. Siegfried's Princess-mother appears, accompanied by her entourage. She congratulates the Prince on his maturity and presents him with a crossbow. Siegfried is delighted with the gift. The Princess-mother retires with her entourage. The party continues, but the Prince gets bored, and he asks everyone to leave. Siegfried goes to the lake to hunt.

Scene 2.

Prince is on the shore of a beautiful lake. The evil wizard Rothbart watches him. A flock of swans comes to swim in the lake. Siegfried is surprised to see that the swans are turning into girls. The swan queen Odette tells the Prince that she and her friends are victims of the evil sorcery of the wizard Rothbarth, who turned them into swans. Only at night, near this lake, can they take on human form. The terrible charms will continue until a man who has never sworn love to any girl loves Odette for life. Siegfried swears eternal love and faithfulness to Odette. But the evil sorcerer has seen everything and is already making a cunning plan on how to separate the two lovers. It's getting light. Odette says goodbye to her lover. The flock of swans swims away.

Act 2.

Scene 3.

In the castle of the Princess-mother a big ball is held, dedicated to the Prince's birthday. At this ball, by his mother's will, Siegfried must finally choose his bride. Guests appear, brides show themselves off to the Prince. Mother asks Siegfried to make a choice. He hesitates. Suddenly an unknown knight appears with a beautiful daughter Odile. Odile, in every way emphasizing her resemblance to the swan girl, seduces the Prince. Siegfried makes his choice - convinced that Odette and Odile are one person, he declares Rothbart's daughter as his bride and swears eternal love to her. Rothbart and Odile laugh at him. A white swan is beating its wings on the window of the castle. Siegfried realizes his fatal mistake. In desperation, he rushes to the swan lake.

Scene 4.

Lake shore. The swan girls are anxiously awaiting the return of Odette. In desperation, she tells them about Siegfried's treason. The evil wizard triumphed, and now the girls have no salvation. A storm begins on the lake. The Prince runs ashore, begging Odette for forgiveness. The evil wizard stirs up the natural forces against Odette and Siegfried. But the two lovers are not terrified by thunder and lightning, and the storm does not frighten them. The Prince fights with the keeper of the lake and defeats him. Epilogue. Evil charms no longer have power over Odette. The swan turns into a beautiful princess and together with Siegfried joyfully meets the first rays of the rising sun.



Tell me more about the company

Meet the World Ballet Company: A Celebration of Global Ballet Talent

World Ballet Company is produced by Gorskaya-Hartwick Productions, a Los Angeles based largest touring ballet production company.

Bound together by their love for reimagining classical ballet traditions, our cast of 50 accomplished dancers from 10 different countries collaborates to perform in visually stunning and critically lauded modern renditions of ageless masterpieces.

The World Ballet Company delivers a family-oriented experience, accompanied by ageless scores, over 150 expertly hand-stitched costumes, artisan-designed sets, and the most gifted dancers presenting three celebrated ballets: Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Cinderella.

Who is in the cast?

Introducing the Stellar Cast of the Swan Lake Ballet

World Ballet Company proudly presents an exceptional, multinational ensemble of dancers handpicked from premier ballet institutions across Europe, Japan, the UK, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and beyond.

Principal Dancer Andrea Lassakova, who graces the stage as Odile and Odette, is an accomplished and celebrated ballerina, former first soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre.

This remarkable performance also showcases the talents of a new generation of ballet virtuosos, including Angelina Zgurskaya’s and Maxim Vlas’ dazzling performance in Act 2,  Kyunsoon Park’s breathtaking pas-de-trois, and Constantine Geronik’s exquisite portrayal of the Head Jester.

Don’t miss this captivating ballet experience, which masterfully combines tradition and innovation, highlighting the incredible skill and artistry of a diverse and talented cast. Book your tickets now to witness this mesmerizing display of ballet excellence.

Who dances the odette / odile part?

Meet the Star: Andrea Lassakova in the Swan Lake.

Andrea Lassakova, an accomplished ballet virtuoso, is the first soloist of the World Ballet Company. As a former star of the Mikhailovsky Theater, she has steadily garnered international acclaim and amassed numerous accolades.

Andrea Lassakova received her dance training exclusively with Klara Skodova at the Eva Jacz Dance Conservatory in Bratislava, the primary training facility for the Slovak National Ballet. She graduated from the Conservatory in 2011, and the same year joined the Slovak National Theatre as a demi-soloist, where she performed roles in ballets including The NutcrackerSleeping BeautyLe CorsaireLa Sylphide, the Swan LakeGiselle and The Little Prince.

In 2013-2014, Andrea moved to Finland and became a dancer of the Youth Company of the Finnish National Ballet. In 2014-2015, she joined the Finnish National Ballet’s Main Company. In 2015, Andrea moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, and joined the Mikhailovsky Ballet by invitation as soloist, and was promoted to the rank of First Soloist in 2021, dancing major principal repertoire including Odette/Odile in the Swan Lake, Medora in Le Corsaire, Gamzatti in La Bayadere, Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty, Queen of the Dryads in Don Quixote, Queen of Willis in Giselle, Fairy of the Summer in Cinderella and Sylvia variation from Coppélia by Messerer.

Andrea was one of the few ballerinas to work under the tutelage of Madame Tatiana Nikolaevna Legat. From 2021-22 she was coached by former Kirov Ballet Prima Ballerina Zhanna Ayupova and worked frequently with choreographers Nacho Duato, Oleg Vinogradov, and Mikhail Messerer.

Experience the unparalleled grace and artistry of Andrea Lassakova as she takes the stage in the World Ballet Company, enchanting audiences with her captivating performances and exceptional talent. Don’t miss your chance to witness this ballet star in action.

How to understand?

Stay Informed and Engaged: Understanding the Ballet Performance

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the entire Swan Lake story; we’ve got you covered. Upon arrival at the venue, you’ll find information stands in the lobby featuring QR codes that you can scan to access our digital program. This comprehensive guide includes a synopsis of the plot and a timeline to help you follow the on-stage events with ease. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the enchanting world of Swan Lake’s ballet performance.

What to wear?

Attire Choices for Your Ballet Night Out

The decision is entirely in your hands! Attending a classical ballet performance can be an excellent opportunity to dress up and embrace your elegant side. Many of our patrons enjoy donning formal attire for the occasion. However, if you prefer something more casual and comfortable, that’s perfectly fine too! Rest assured, you won’t be the only one, and our priority is to ensure you have an enjoyable experience, regardless of your outfit choice.

What about the music?

The Magical Soundscape: Music in the World Ballet Company

Discover the enchanting soundscape that brings the captivating world of Swan Lake to life in the World Ballet Company. Our talented team of sound engineers and music curators carefully select and blend compositions from the most renowned composers to create a harmonious and evocative auditory experience for our audience.

As a vital component of each ballet performance, music has the power to transport and inspire, adding depth and emotion to every scene. Though our touring ballet company is not currently accompanied by a live orchestra, we ensure that the music is skillfully engineered and reproduced, maintaining the highest quality and authenticity for our patrons.

Join us on this magical journey as we celebrate the powerful union of music and dance, weaving together an unforgettable experience that speaks to the heart and captivates the senses.

What happens during intermission?

Maximize Your Intermission: Activities and Treats

Our 20-minute intermission offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment and refreshments. You can visit the performing arts center’s concession stand for a variety of snacks and beverages. Don’t forget to check out our merchandise store, where you’ll find branded t-shirts, brochures, and a range of ballet- themed souvenirs. For a memorable keepsake, take advantage of the chance to have a professional photo taken with one of the characters. With so much to see and do, just be sure to return to your seat in time for the captivating Act 2!

Can i bring food in?

Food and Beverage Policies at Our Performances

At the World Ballet Company, we strive to ensure an enjoyable experience for all our patrons. While we encourage you to savor the delicious snacks and beverages available at the venue’s concession stand, we kindly request that you consume them in the lobby area. To maintain the pristine condition of our auditorium and ensure the comfort of all audience members, only water is permitted inside the performance space. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How early should i arrive?

Timely Arrival for a Seamless Experience

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable beginning to your World Ballet Company experience, we recommend arriving at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This allows ample time for you to navigate any potential lines, find your seats, and settle in comfortably before the captivating ballet performance begins. By arriving early, you can fully immerse yourself in the magical world of our timeless productions without any distractions.

What happens if i am late for the show?

Late Arrivals and Seating Protocol

At the World Ballet Company, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to late arrivals. Should you arrive after the performance has begun, our dedicated staff will assist in seating you during an appropriate break in the show. This ensures minimal disruption for both the audience and the performers, allowing you to join in the enchanting ballet experience as seamlessly as possible. We kindly remind you to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the showtime to fully enjoy the captivating world of our unforgettable productions.